Incredible host family

We made a small deviation from the scheduled events tonight… The group had planned to say our goodbye at the school and then return by coach across town with our kids in tow. Then meet that night for a peiking duck dinner. Instead we opted to spend the evening with our host family and get to know them.
It turns out that the father is a PHD Professor Insect Ecology @ Beijing University located at the old Olympic village area. We visited his lab and realized he must be a high level guy because everywhere he went, the young “Phd candidates” all asked him questions to the point they followed us out into the parking lot. He kept waving them off. We toured the grounds and saw the Olympic gardens  - All super fun. After that we ate at an amazing restaurant and ate so much food that it was hard to walk.
In the end, we said our goodbyes and exchanged hugs and then taxi’d back across town. These days are extremely long for Kiana. She fell asleep as soon as the cab door closed. I’m very pleased how she conducted herself this week.