I’m age 10 . . .

My name is Kiana. I’m age 10 and attend the International school in Portland Oregon USA. I’ve studied my whole life in the Chinese immersion program. As part of our PYP (Primary Years Programme)  we are taught to learn different subjects by direct inquiry. My trip to China is the capstone of my 5 years at The International School.

I will travel to Beijing China. I will live with a Chinese family and goto school with other Chinese children. This is my method of inquiry. This is my adventure. My dad says I’ve prepared for this trip my whole life, but I’m a bit scared, excited and nervous. I want to be a world citizen.
I will post to my blog when allowed. And my dad will be with me also and keep it updated too. I hope you will join me for my trip.
- Kiana ( xiaohau)