From Brian (dad on the China trip)

Hi guys! After a long flight and a lot of talking about everything under the sun, we finally arrived in China. We stepped off the plane, made our way through the airport, gathered our luggage, cleared customs, found the taxi area, played “Frogger” crossing all the streets, and arrived at our hotel at about midnight. Suffice to say, WE WHERE DRAGGING. So we get up to the room, and start unpacking our bags. We hadn’t been there for more than 10 mins and I look over and see Kiana arranging her bed in a bizarre way… So I ask, “What’s up kiddo?”.. And her reply was, “Mom told me to be extra careful about germs in China, so I took this bed cover and put it on top my pillows. I’m going to put my feet on them so they don’t touch the pillow. And I’m going to use my neck pillow from the plane so my head doesn’t touch anything.” I heard this discourse as I walked to the front door to check the lock and as I turned around to her in reply, I realized in that split second, she was completely GONE…. POOF. OUT COLD. Asleep. I snapped this picture of my little angel as she lay in her “germ free bed setup”. lol. We’ll have to talk about this “germ” thing in the morning.

I am proud of her beyond what any words can describe. She conducted herself without issue today with very little sleep under her belt. She seems to make friends everywhere she goes. While in the International terminal a woman came up to her and was clearly interested in how Kiana looked. She gave us a friendly Nihao hello. When Kiana opened her mouth an responded with Chinese words this woman’s jaw dropped. And a flurry of conversation ensued. Then came her traveling companion and more questions came. Kiana spoke with ease and with words I cannot understand. They raved at how good her Chinese is and wanted to give Kiana their phone number and asked us to call them in Suzho. When the exchange was all over, I could tell she was proud herself. Her confidence beamed in a way that was new to me. I could just see her mind expanding to the possibilities of what being a world citizen was all about. As her father, I’m very proud of what it's taken her to get here.

Time for a few hours of rest and then our day begins in 3 hours Beijing time.