#2 at Takadai Elementary School in Chitose City, Hokkaido.

Students attended all activities including cleaning room after the class. Because it is the end of a school year, Japanese students are practicing for their graduation ceremony.

Students enjoyed and tried all Japanese school lunch every day. Sophie's teacher, Mr. Takeda told Sophie, 'Food is from a life of nature, don't waste any and try a bite even though you don't like.' Sophie had a bite of scallop. Yummy!

In social studies, the 4th grade class that Sophie and Kylie were with was studying about Otaru city where we will go on a trip this Sunday. Sophie and Kylie learned about the city with classmates and got a lot of information about it.

In math class, Kylie's classroom teacher, Mr. Haruki taught abacus. Kylie really enjoyed the old Japanese calculator.

Our kids all look so relaxed and happy!