Closing note from RS

I really enjoyed the Capstone trip. My favorite part was staying at my host brother's home. Fernando and his family made me feel very welcome, like I was part of their family. I enjoyed going to the afterschool activities with them as my two host brothers played futbol. I got to kick it around with them. It was also really fun making new friends at a new school and being able to keep in touch with them by email.

From Ava

As well as going to Chichen Itza yesterday, we went to Izamal, the yellow city. It’s true, all of the buildings are painted yellow and white. First we saw a big church (also yellow). Then we went on a carriage ride drawn by a horse. I went on a carrige with Brookie, Brookie’s mom Jessica, Olivia L, and Mercy. Our horse’s name was Napoleon. We ended the day with ice cream. 

From Olivia S.

Yesterday we went to Chichén Itza. It was really interesting. The most fun part for me was seeing the ball court were they play the ball game. It was also really interesting seeing the pyramid. It was really big but even more interesting was the story behind it. There were also some very interesting vendors selling replicas and jewelry that is handcrafted by them.

From Brookie

Yesterday we went to Ecomuseo del Cacao. There, we got to see a special ceremony that was performed by Mayan people. They did not speak English or Spanish, only the Mayan language. They sang and played music. Then the priest told us to come forward so he could purify us. He took a plant, dipped it in water and rubbed it all over us. Then we got to taste some liquid chocolate and we saw how it was prepared. It was really fun.

From Sofia N

Today we are going to La Hacienda Sotuta de Peon. Yesterday, we went to the eco-museum of cacao. We got to try a Mayan drink called Xocolatil (Sho-co-la-til) . Then we went to Uxmal. There we could see a Mayan temple which the Mayans made in one night. We got to climb a giant temple with 71 stairs on each side. It was tiring. When I got to the top, I looked down and almost fainted. It was like 77 meters high. We are all awaiting for another adventure. 

From Olivia

Today we went to Dzibichaltún. Dzibichaltún is a archeological site with many interesting ruins including The Temple of the Seven Dolls. On every equinox you can see the sun right in the middle of the temple’s doorway. Also a beam of light falls in the exact place in the ruin were they had discovered seven dolls. We also went to an amazing cenote. A cenote is a body of fresh water that is ether above or below ground, in our case, above. This cenote since it was above, had a perfect temperature. It was a relief to jump in the cool, fresh water after walking in the hot sun. There was so much wild life under the crystal clear water that you could see with just googles. Every one had so much fun here.

From Sofia C

All these past days were very exciting, like going to the beach, swimming in cenotes, going on the walks, going to school at Escuela Modelo and staying with our host family. Even though I was sick for a few days, the time I got to spend with my host family was the best, and I hope to see them again soon. Now I am off to more fun!

From Griffin

Today, instead of having classes at Escuela Modelo, 5th and 6th grade went on a field trip to Puerto Progreso. There, we walked and played on the beach. After that, we went to go have lunch at a restaurant. Then, we went back to the school, and my family picked me up. (photo is not Griffin)

From Mateo

At Puerto Progreso, we could not stop having fun. First we had a walk by the ocean. Then we turned on the music on an amplifier and started playing all sorts of games and dancing to the rhythm. The Oregonians tied the Yucatecas in soccer. Then we had a very light lunch. The day was awesome.

From Jack

Today was a beach party!!!!!!!!!!!! We danced, we played, and we walked. First thing we did was walk along the beach for about two hours. Then the rest of the day we played at the beach. And then we went to a restaurant, ate and went back to the school. (photo is not Jack)

From Gus

Today we whent to Puerto Progreso for a field trip and we walked in the town that surounded the beach and we ate ice cream. Then we went to the beach and played some games and danced. Then we went to a very good restaurant to eat lunch, and then we left to get back to the school.

From Eliana

The last day of school and the last day with my host family. The best time I ever had, it was sad to leave my friend and my host family - I even cried when I had to leave. I think now I know I made a friend for life. The best week I ever had. :)

From Dorian

Today was my second day at Escuela Modelo. Yesterday I went to the hotel because I threw up 2 times and had a stomach ache and my head hurt. But today I am feeling better than yesterday. I miss my parents but I know that Capstone will be very fun!!!!.

From Ben

Today was our first day of school at Escuela Modelo. We started the day of with a ceremony, welcoming the TIS students to Mérida. We listened to the Mexican, Yucatecan, and the school’s anthems. We also listened to the honor to the Mexican flag. Later, the TIS students and their host siblings walked to the front, and Mrs. Trini gave a speech about welcoming others to their home.

3/10/14 Today was the second day of school at Escuela Modelo. We have P.E. today after recess, then we have English (coming from the U.S., we are a lot better at English than the other students). It`s supposed to be really hot today, but I know it will still be fun!!

From Lily

Today I met my host family. They’re so nice! After the delicious lunch with my host family and my dad, I went with my host family to a shop that my host mom owns. That was really fun. I got to look at Mexico and saw some pretty cool things. We went to this one building and my host sister, Lili, said that it was the most important building in Merida. I’ve had a really great time so far and can’t wait to see more of Merida.