Monday. Kids' first day at Escuela Modelo. All the parents attended the Monday morning ceremony. It was definitely exciting to see the children all at assembly... And not back at the hotel hurling. 

On Saturday evening, not less than four hours after the parents raised a rousing tequila toast to how fantastic it is to be on the Spanish track Capstone, one of our children had returned to the hotel sick. That was followed by kid number two, then, can you believe it? Kid number three had returned back sick before the morning sun had risen on the Yucatan. 

Fortunately out trusty ER doc and parent Trisha attended to the fallen and assured us all that the kids were recovering speedily. Casualty count so far at five. All seem to be doing well, including the two boys who got a required shearing at a local pellicuaro (barber). Hope to have all back in classes by Wednesday morning.