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Capstone Study Abroad Parent Resources

This page updated regularly with information for 5th grade parents. Contact Capstone Coordinator, Meredith Fleming with questions or comments ( or 503-226-2496 ext. 118)

Capstone 2017

Official Program Dates*:

March 9 - March 24, 2017

  • Spanish Track: Depart Portland by March 9th
  • Chinese/Japanese Track: Depart Portland by March 8th

Students and responsible chaperones are required to be in the host city during the official program dates


Itineraries 2017:

Upcoming important dates/deadlines:

  • December 2, 2016: Travel Affidavit Due (ALL PROGRAMS

  • February 22, 2017: In-Country and Emergency Contact Information Due (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

China Trip - Upcoming:

  • December 12, 2016: Parent Package Payment Due (Chinese Track only) - amount varies by family, see email from Meredith sent 11/18/16

  • January 10: Chinese Track Parent Meeting, 5:00PM, Christy's classroom

  • January 17 - 22: Host student visit

  • January 31: Apply for China Visa- info available before winter break

Japan Trip - Upcoming:

  • December 13: Japanese Track Parent Meeting, 5:30PM, Taka's classroom

Mexico Trip - upcoming:

  • January 12: Spanish Track Parent Meeting, time TBD, Constanza's classroom

  • January 13: Parent Package Payment Due (Spanish track only) - amount varies, see email from Meredith sent 12/12

References and Required Documents:

Host Schools 2017:

  • Spanish Track: Escuela Modelo, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico (9th year visiting)
  • Japanese Track: Takadai Elementary School, Chitose, Hokkaido, China (6th year visiting)
  • Chinese Track: Suzhou Experimental Elementary School, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China (3rd year visiting)

International Air Travel:

All student flights will be arranged and purchased by TIS through the school designated travel agent. Pre or post program travel extensions can be arranged by contacting  the travel agent directly. Parents will be responsible for costs incurred for changes to student travel arrangements. Parent chaperones and accompanying family members may purchase through the agent or on their own. All Capstone participant travel plans must be communicated in writing to the Capstone Coordinator.

Travel Agent Contact Information:

Laura Forrest
World Travel Inc.
Phone: 503-636-9933
2525 NW Upshur
Portland, OR 97210

Group Flights 

Exact times subject to change, contact travel agent for most current information.

CHINA Group Flight:

Portland to Shanghai (via San Francisco) 3/8/17

–Depart PDX: 7:00AM, United 1273

–Arrive Shanghai: 6:45PM (3/9/17), United 857

Beijing to Portland (via San Francisco) 3/24/17

–Depart Beijing: 1:25PM, United 889

–Arrive PDX: 2:05PM, United 612

Estimated cost: $880

MEXICO Group Flight:

Portland to Merida (via Houston) 3/9/17

–Depart PDX: 6:00AM, United 279

–Arrive Merida: 7:34PM, United 1426

Merida to Portland (via Houston & Denver) 3/24/17

–Depart Merida: 7:04AM, United 1427

–Arrive PDX: 4:53PM, United 416

Estimated cost: $995

JAPAN Flight: **UPDATED 9/28**

Portland to Chitose (via Seattle & Seoul) 3/8/17
– Depart PDX: 9:30AM, Delta 4603
–Arrive Chitose: 9:25PM (3/9/17), Delta 7905
Tokyo to Portland (direct) 3/24/17
–Depart Tokyo: 5:30PM, Delta 7905
–Arrive PDX: 10:45AM, Delta 068
Estimated cost: $1,315* (as of 9/21/16)


Capstone 2016 (for reference)

Itineraries 2016

Blogs 2016

Contact: Capstone Coordinator, Meredith Fleming or Head of School, Robert Woods
503-226-2496, ext 118;