March 11, 2015: Parent Update

Today is the 3rd day of school for our TIS/SEES exchange and will be their 4th homestay night.  Their 5th grade teacher, Christy Lao Shi and a former TIS teacher, Hong Lao Shi have been with the kids every day and are sending back pictures and great reports.  Most of our kids had some fears and tears when they went off with their homestay family on Sunday.  They arrived at school that first morning with some trepidation, of course.  But the school, the classmates, teachers and families have been wonderful and the kids are fully participating in the school activities as well as enjoying their time after school.  We think they might not want this week to end!  It's been a great experience; educational, social and just plain fun.

Tomorrow - Thursday - we go to the school to see a performance.  We thought that it was going to be SEES performing for us but we got word that our kids are rehearsing the play that they wrote and performed at the TIS International Festival, Snow White.  Will they perform it for SEES?  Stay tuned!

- Sharyn Marcuson, TIS parent