Capstone 2016, Day 7: Student Perspectives on Capstone

"I think going to their school is a great opportunity to be able to learn a different culture, how their school is different than ours and to feel their way of learning. I've had a great time staying with my host family, I have had lots of fun and learned many things, but the most important thing I've learned is that having a friendship with someone in a different country that speaks a different language is a chance to make new friendships and learn new things." - Atticus

"I have been in China for five days, the last three I have luxuriously spent in Suzhou. China has opened doors for me and let me experience what not many people get to experience, culture. My host family is very generous and gives me everything I need. Suzhou Experimental Elementary School is like that too, which means I am very lucky. Very lucky for such a wonderful trip."             - Emma

"The only thing that makes me feel like a tourist are my accent and my camera. My host family treats me like family, and in a way, I am family. They help me look forward to each day and the excitement that will come with them." -Isabel

"My host family has brought me to do a lot of very fun things. The things they do with me are things that I would never be able to do in Portland. They also bring me to eat lots of food only available in Suzhou. I think they are very wonderful." - Ethan

"Living with the host family is fun. The family is very generous and takes good care of you as if you were their own child. Also, since you're in a different country they do different and sometimes very interesting things in their household." -Alex