Capstone 2016, Day 5: First day of school at SEES photos

The TIS 5th graders started the school week with "Sheng Qi Yi Shi"  - the traditional Monday morning routine with the national anthem, school anthem, flag raising, and morning exercises. Our students were honored by standing next to the flag pole and facing the student body during the ceremony.   Suzhou Experimental Elementary School (SEES) has 3,000 students in K-6th grade, so our students had quite the audience! 

On Monday the students had Mandarin, Science, Math, PE, Art class, and a campus tour. SEES is a beautiful purpose-built campus. They even have their own mini-OMSI and history museum. It was a great start to the school week!

Here are a few photos, more to come!

Photos by TIS 5th grade teacher, Christy Appleberry, and TIS Capstone Coordinator, Meredith Fleming.