"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Rosemary Wells Visit

        Thank you to the TIS community for a successful author visit last Friday! Award-winning author/illustrator Rosemary Wells delighted kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes with her “Young Artists Workshop.”  Not only did audience members get an inside view of an artist’s studio, they also got to see slides of Rosemary Wells’s six-year-old granddaughter using the same supplies and techniques, reminding students that we are all talented, capable, creative artists.  In fact, students were so inspired many returned to class and began creating their own books!

            In addition to exploring art, Rosemary Wells’ presentation also touched on writing, science, history, music, and world cultures.   She has traveled the globe giving presentations at IB schools, but The International School was the first IB school she’s visited in the United States!  About TIS, Mrs. Wells said, "This is by far the best school I have ever been to in The United States. Your dedication to language learning is amazing and every child should have an education like the one you provide the kids."  We hope to have Rosemary return in the future to offer her “Young Writers Workshop” to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, as well as to invite other guest authors and storytellers.  In the meantime, we'll continue to inspire the budding writers and artists right here at The International School!

Photo by Akiko Grimm

Our Lost & Found Bins Are Overflowing!

We aren't a month into school year yet, and our Main Campus Lost & Found bins are already filled up! Most of us think we'll know something's missing when we pick up our child. But when mornings call for jackets and afternoons don't, it's easy to forget.  But we know (it's in our lost and found) - we just don't know it's yours. Most items show up without a name.

Please write your child’s first initial and LAST name in all coats and jackets so that we can return them if they end up left behind somewhere on campus. 

So please - buying a new sweatshirt? Take it home, make sure it fits, take off the tag, write your child's name in it. Please also check the lost and found bins periodically! They are located in Stearns Hall, Hilltop, and in the EC Campus hallway by Maria's office.

Early Pick Up - Please come before 2:30.

Dear parents,

If you are coming to do an early pickup for your child, we request that you please come prior to 2:30. The end of the school day requires our office staff to be around the front desks to assist with other parent and student needs. Starting next Monday, Sept 26, please give our staff at least 24 hours advance notice if you need to do an early pickup after 2:30. If you do not contact us in advance, you must wait until the regular dismissal time of 3:10 to pick up your child. Please send an email to attendance@intlschool.org stating what time you will be picking up.  Early pick before 2:30 without notification is possible any day. 

- The front office staff

Photo by Ron Miller

Directory Updates Due this Friday!

Friday is the last day to update your information for the TIS Directory! You should receive an email from Kat Simons today showing what your information currently looks like. Please check your child’s entry in the attached draft for content – are the correct names, phone numbers and addresses printed correctly?

  • IF YOU HAVE CHANGES, MOST CAN BE DONE VIA THE PARENT PORTAL. If you have changes to phone numbers or addresses, or changes to which numbers you want printed, log on to intlschool.org/portal. Click or unclick the DNP (“do not publish”) box as appropriate.
  • If your home phone number listed is the same as a cell phone, please go tointlschool.org/portal and delete the HOME phone. 

Please contact KatS@intlschool.org if:

  • You have a nanny or similar who is regularly involved with your child’s class (pick-up or volunteering) and you want that person’s contact information included. Send the person’s name, relationship, and e-mail address and/or phone number, whatever you want published.
  •  Your households are not combined/split correctly. (i.e. married or split households, not shown as you would like). Email the listing(s) as you would like it to appear; be specific about what you do not want to appear.
  • A parent is listed who should not be listed (i.e. an out of town parent who does not have contact with your child) – or vice versa.
  • Anything else that is wrong that you cannot change in the portal.

Thank you for your help!

Upcoming Events




Curriculum Night: Grades 1 and 3 (except Masami's)

  • 6:00-6:45pm: Grade 3 English
  • 6:00-6:45pm: Grade 1 Homeroom
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 1 English
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 3 Homeroom


All homeroom presentations will be in the your child's classroom. English locations will be announced.



Curriculum Night: Grades 2 & 4 (ALL), plus Masami's Grade 3 and Taka's Grade 5

  • 5:30-600: Grade 5 Japanese Capstone Trip
  • 5:30-600: Masami’s Grade 3 English
  • 6:05-6:45pm: Grade 4 English, plus Taka’s Grade 5 English
  • 6:05-6:45pm: Grade 2 Homeroom (plus Masami’s Grade 3)
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 2 English
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 4 Homeroom (plus Taka’s Grade 5)

All Homeroom presentations will be in your child's classroom. English & Capstone presentation locations will be announced.



Scholastic Book Orders Due

We earn a FREE book for the library every time a parent places an order online. Points are also accrued and the school uses them to purchase books for the library, classrooms or online resources such as Book Flix.

Online Ordering Information
Web address: scholastic.com/bookclubs
Please Note NEW Class Activation Code: NTDPH

For more information, visit: http://library.intlschool.org/scholastic-book-clubs/

Photo by Judith Masjuan


Coding With Kids After School: Spots Available

Grades K-2
Wed, 3:20 PM-4:20 PM
Sep 28 - Dec 7
no class on Nov 23
$199 / 10-week session

Jump start your child’s STEAM education with Coding with Kids’ Little Coders class! Students will develop their computational thinking skills and build their own creative programs. Our curriculum combines a blend of fun activities - both "on-screen" and “off-screen” - to keep students engaged and excited about coding. This class will give students a strong foundation on coding basics, such as loops and conditionals, that can be built upon in our other classes. Kids will be introduced to these programming fundamentals in a variety of ways appropriate for this age group, from coding puzzles and board games to hands-on programming using online drag-and-drop tools, such as Scratch (scratch.mit.edu).

REGISTRATIONS: www.codingwithkids.com/session/1741

Grades 3-5
Thu, 3:20 PM-4:20 PM
Sep 29 - Dec 8
no class on Nov 24
$199 / 10-week session

Do you play games and wonder how they are created? Would you like to build your own computer programs? Come learn how at the Coding with Kids Academy! In this fun after-school class, BEGINNERS will be introduced to the core concepts of computer programming, including loops, conditionals and variables. INTERMEDIATE students will move on to more advanced concepts, such as nested conditionals and functions with parameters. Using the Scratch development environment, you will learn how to create a variety of programs, from simple animations to multi-level games. With new projects each session, you will be able to express your creativity and advance as a coder!

REGISTRATIONS: www.codingwithkids.com/session/1742


Portland Eco-School Network Dessert Meetup

Invitation to Parents of K-5 Students To a Dessert Meetup hosted by  moms in the Portland Eco-School Network 

Eco-School Network parents help “green” the experience of their children at school. At the meetup, learn how you can get involved for the 2015-16 school year.

Four Dessert Meetups will be held in homes of Portland Network members. If you cannot attend one in your area, you may attend another.  Feel free to bring other interested parents.  

Please RSVP to Jeanne Roy, 503-244-0026 or Jeanne@earthleaders.org, and she will send you the name of your host and directions for the home meetup in your area. 

North – September 26, 7:00 p.m.

Northeast – September 27, 7:00 p.m.

Southeast – September 28, 7:00 p.m.

West – September 29, 7:00 p.m. 

The Eco-School Network, www.ecoschoolnetwork.org, aims to introduce or upgrade sustainable practices and to increase eco-awareness as a means to enrich the daily experience of K-5 children at school. Network parents from about 30 schools share ideas, experiences, and projects, in person and online, and provide mutual support and inspiration. The sponsor of the Eco-School Network is the Center for Earth Leadership, www.earthleaders.org, a local nonprofit founded by life-long Portlanders, Jeanne and Dick Roy.

Author Visit - Rosemary Wells

Notable author and illustrator, Rosemary Wells, will be visiting select classes this Friday, September 16.  Families are welcome to join Ms. Wells for a meet and greet, and book signing from 7:30 - 8:00 on Friday morning.  Please bring a favorite Rosemary Wells book from home if you would like her to sign it!

The themes Ms. Wells explores in her books align with The International School's core values including honesty, responsibility, diversity, and a passion for learning.  From Yoko Learns to Read to My Havana: Memories of a Cuban Boyhood, Ms. Wells has written engaging stories that will appeal to students from preschool to 5th grade and beyond.

Please note: Parents, caregivers, and teachers who are not able to see Ms. Wells during her TIS visit might enjoy her presentation at Green Bean Book at 4:00 pm on September 16.

Pickup and DropOff Update


The past two weeks of Main Campus drop off and pickup have been quite slow, as staff and parents alike get used to the new routine. Fortunately, the traffic flow does seem to be improving steadily!

Here are a few items to keep in mind over the next few weeks.

  • Traffic is minimal before 7:45am and after 3:30pm. If you can come early in the morning and wait a bit before coming in the afternoon, you will not have to sit in traffic.
  • The sidewalk on Sherman is now complete. This will lengthen the zone for drop off and pickup allow better access for the crosswalk
  • We have had several instances of individuals waiting on Sherman Street before dismissal time, without having their pickup numbers entered into the system.  If you arrive early for curbside dismissal, you must wait at the corner of Caruthers and Water to be entered into the system. This is the only way that we know to begin to retrieve your student.
  • Morning curbside drop-off ends at 7:55am. If you arrive after 7:55 in the morning, Mark and Eros may direct you to park on Sherman. You will then be able to escort your student(s) to their classroom building.
  • PGE is scheduled to finish its work on Caruthers in November. This will allow full access to parking on that street.

The safety and well-being of our students is our utmost priority. This is a reminder to please do your part by driving slowly, and staying off of your cell phone while driving and parking around our Main and Early Childhood campuses. PLEASE CURB YOUR TIRES while parked or stopped on Main Campus hills.