"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Our Lost & Found Bins Are Overflowing!

We aren't a month into school year yet, and our Main Campus Lost & Found bins are already filled up! Most of us think we'll know something's missing when we pick up our child. But when mornings call for jackets and afternoons don't, it's easy to forget.  But we know (it's in our lost and found) - we just don't know it's yours. Most items show up without a name.

Please write your child’s first initial and LAST name in all coats and jackets so that we can return them if they end up left behind somewhere on campus. 

So please - buying a new sweatshirt? Take it home, make sure it fits, take off the tag, write your child's name in it. Please also check the lost and found bins periodically! They are located in Stearns Hall, Hilltop, and in the EC Campus hallway by Maria's office.